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In my blog I´ll answer all passenger questions about flying and get you mentally prepared for your next flight. Whatever you would like to know, maybe there has been a question on your mind for years ? What noise was that just after take-off ? How much fuel does an airplane use during cruise ? How do turbulence occur ? …

Send in your questions and I´ll be honored to answer it for you ! The uploadbox is at the bottom of this page !

Captain Joe meets Allianz Collection I´ve been stationed in Munich now for the past three years. I am often asked what makes Munich airport so special compared to others. Well, I´ll generally answer with "We have our own home-coming-beacon, the Allianz Arena”. Whenever I fly northbound ... Read more about this post

What is the ATIS? WebsiteBLOGThumbnailWhat is the ATISThe ATIS is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information of the airfield. On all airport ground and approach charts you´ll find the necessary ATIS frequency. Read more about this post

What is reverse-thrust? WebsiteBLOGThumbnailReverseThrust“Reverse” cause the turbines output is being guided into the reverse direction and as you might not know we apply "thrust" in order to increase the braking action. So let´s look at this video to see what happens at touch-down. Read more about this post

Why is tomato juice so popular? WebsiteBLOGThumbnailTomatoJuiceScientist have found out that with increasing cabin altitude your taste sense, especially the on responsible for salt, decrease dramatically. They´ve tested on volenteers who drank tomate juice on ground and then put them into a pressure chamber to simulate ... Read more about this post

Difference in “taxi” and “line up”? Taxi and LineUpAfter receiving the taxi clearance the pilots turn on the taxi and runway turnoff lights, release the parking brake and taxi along their assigned route. Very often you can feel the aircraft slowing down just after it started moving,that indicates a brake check ... Read more about this post

Time-lapse video from HAM to MUC HAM_MUCtimelapseThis video shows an entire flight, from the parking stand at Hamburg airport, all the way to the parking stand in Munich. For future reference, whenever you see on of my blogposts with a picture showing two city names, you´ll now it´s a time-lapse video. Read more about this post

What is a BACKTRACK? What is a backtrack?Have you ever heard that expression ? "We need to backtrack" ? What are they talking about? Maybe you have experienced a backtrack on your last flight ? Okay I admit it´s fairly rare. Imagine you land on little airport with no taxiways. Read more about this post

But at first you are a copilot, right? ButfirstyouareacopilotToday´s question is a absolute classic and I guess a lot of pilots would agree. I can´t even tell how often I´ve been asked this question. I´ll set you an example. I´m going out with my best friends and they introduce me to people yet I don´t know. Read more about this post

Remove before flight tags ? RemoveBefroeFlightTagsToday we´ll be talking about the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tags and warnings you see on parked aircrafts. Have ever wonder why parked aircrafts have these red tags with huge letters saying „REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT“? At the end of the red flag is mostly ... Read more about this post

Passengers applause? Can we hear the passengers applause?This question is a classic, "can you hear the passengers applause after a landing". This question always makes me smile, cause I answer with a question: "Do you applaued the lady at the supermarket after she has scanned all your groceries"? Read more about this post


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