About Joe

Dear passengers and flight enthusiasts, my name is Joe and I live in Munich Germany. I´ve started my flying career in 2005 getting my Private Pilot License (PPL) in Austria. In 2006 I joined a private flying school near Düsseldorf for my Comercial and Airline Transport Pilot License (CPL and ATPL) and finished all my flight training at the age of 23. Due to the economy crisis, there weren´t any airline job offers for two years. Despite the difficult situation I got a job as Skydiving pilot on a little plane ( Pilatus Porter ) in southern Germany. Major practice for take-off and landings. Flying the Pilatus Porter for one year I got the next job offer to work as a comercial pilot on the Beech King Air 200 for an executive company back in Düsseldorf. Another year has gonna by, more experience gained and I was ready for the airline industry. The economy recovered and the airlines were hiring. So in 2010 I was typerated onto the Airbus A320 family (319/320/321) and started off flying for a great german airline.

During my days off work, I love spending time with my friends and family. I like travelling and exploring the world, always on the lookout for airplanes. I love to research for my videos and blog, to get to know people on the way is the best part.
Getting you safely to your holiday destination, is my job – Getting you closer to flying, my life´s aim!


To clarify:

I´m a first officer and not a captain, as you can see, regarding my uniform. I only have three stripes, indicating I´m still a first officer. I´m not ready yet to become a captain, I still have a lot of experience to gain to consider myself an airline captain. We have chosen the name flywithcaptainjoe for other reasons, one of them it´s easily recognizable.

20 facts about me

1. I was born in Germany but spent a lot of my childhood in England
2. My Godfather was an air traffic controller and got me excited about aviation
3. I love vintage sports cars (I would love an old 911)
4. I drive a vintage Mini Cooper (not the BMW-Mini)
5. I support the English national football team
6. Once in while I DJ in night clubs
7. I love building stuff myself (DIY youtubers are my heros)
8.  Health, Family, Friends, Flying in that order
9. I wish I had a dog
10. I like writing brithday poems for my friends
11. I like repairing stuff (my tool box is my jewelery box)
12. I rather cycle before I drive by car
13. During standby shifts I practice playing the piano
14. I believe in Karma (Do good – deserve good, do bad – deserve bad)
15. London is my favourtie European city
16. One day I will restore an old abandoned plane
17. My life´s motto: Do your BEST, forget the REST !
18. My favourite airport is Bergen in Norway ( ENBR )
19. British Candy is the best
20. I´ve saved a mans live by donating my bone marrow in 2015