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With my pictures I want to give you a better view of the work life of a pilot. Every picture tells a little story, which I´m not gonna keep secret from you. Send me pictures of your personal flight experience, and I´ll be honored to upload them on my page.
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You want to become a pilot? But where and how do I start this adventurous career? What are the requirements ? I´ll try to help you with my own experience to answer your questions. With insight information on flight schools, assessments, typeratings etc I will do my best to get you closer to your dream of becoming a pilot.
In my blog I´ll answer all passenger questions about flying and get you mentally prepared for your next flight. Whatever you would like to know, maybe there has been a question on your mind for years? What noise was that just after take-off? How much fuel does an airplane use during cruise? How do turbulence occur? …

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